Books By Dale

For The 1964-1972 Chevelle Enthusiast

What They're Saying

>> 01/23/2017 - Good afternoon Dale, just received your book and was amazed at what a great job you did. The book is very informative and the pictures are well done. Good job my friend!
~ Gary

>> 01/23/2017 - Got it today and it's awesome Thank you for all you do for the hobby. Greatly appreciated.
~ Luis

>> 02/17/2017 -  I just received my copy of the 70 Chevelle in detail book, just wanted to say that it's the best guide for Chevelles that I've seen, and it was great to see my car in it!! It is an honor that you chose to use it in your book.
~ Ralph

>> 02/18/2017 - I'm a 1970 SS Chevelle owner since 1974 (still own it) and I have purchased both of your excellent Books. Just wanted to say Thank You for producing the Books and all the information and hard work you have provided for the preservation of these great automobiles! Looking forward to your next book.
~ Mike

>> 02/18/2017 - Just got my copy of your new book. Nice job! Thx for including the photo of our car. It looks great.
~ Oliver